About us

BORNIT is a company that develops, manufactures and sells Flexitanks - flexible packaging materials for the economical transportation and storage of large volumes of liquids. The company focuses only on Flexitanks and maximum safety/quality for customers.

- Long-term experience with the use of Flexitanks for special customers projects such as Aseptic Flexitank, Flexitank for high density liquids etc.
Experienced team for development, production and sales of Flexitanks.
Base materials specially developed for BORNIT Flexitanks.
Production in the Czech Republic - fast delivery across Europe. The quality of all manufacturing operations on machinery developed for the production of Flexitanks.
- Flexitank design - extremely resistant to dynamic stresses during liquid transport, reduced bulging of containers during loading and transport.
- 100% customized production for given liquids, weight limits, etc.
- Value for money, innovation, service.

BORNIT cooperates with a network of partners to provide complete customer service including shipping, door to door delivery. Technical information and certificates are available to customers.

BORNIT is focused on individual customers and is governed by business ethics, which includes: Fair-play, sustainability and recycling of raw materials, gentlemen's agreements, open mind for new projects and customer´s requirements.

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