What is the Flexitank

is a flexible, light, and collapsible vessel of a new generation for the transport and storage of bulk liquids.
The Flexitank has been tested and developed under heavy-duty conditions, with a focus on safety of bulk liquid transportation.

BORNIT produces 2 basic types of Flexitanks:
A) Transport Flexitank - single use, installation in 20’ ISO containers
B) Storage Flexitanks - multiple use, long-term storage of liquids.

They can be used for liquids classified as non-dangerous according to ADR, RID, IMDG regulations.

Used materials resist a wide range of non-hazardous liquids (according to ADR, RID, IMDG).

Shape, design, materials and dimensional tolerances ensure high safety when used by customers. Long-term experience with practical use and various customers applications.

The used materials can be recycled – only polypropylene and polyethylene.

FLEXITANK is the composition of multi-layered polypropylene and polyethylene tubes. The inner liner provides the liquid tightness, whilst the outer layer provides support to the inner liner and provides high stress absorption capabilities against dynamic stresses imposed during transit and cargo handling.

Why to choose FLEXITANK?

1) Transport Flexitank

Flexitank installed in a 20 "container (ISO 1496-1) serves as a transport tank for liquids, both foodstuffs and chemicals, classified as non-hazardous substances.
• One-way packaging designed to transport liquids - light, safe and solid
• Economical solution for customers - savings up to 30% of costs compared to other packaging and transport modes (barrels, IBCs, ISO tanks)
• Extremely high absorption capability of dynamic and static stress during transport
• Foodstuffs certificate based on EU norms
• Standard Flexitank sizes for transport: from 16,000 to 24,000 liters

2) Storage Flexitank

• Flexitank serves as a liquid reservoir
• Reusable mobile storage tank for liquids
• The couplings supplied allow easy connection to all types of hoses
• Easy installation before filling and easy handling during use
• Standard sizes of Flexitanks for storage: from 3,000 to 50,000 liters
• Approved for storage of liquid fertilizers and other substances, including Safety Bag

Purpose and use

What can be transported in Flexitanks? Non-hazardous liquids, examples below:                             


Non - Foodstuffs:
• Wine

• Non-Hazardous Chemicals
• Grape Must

• Base Oils
• Juice Concentrates

• Lube Oils
• Mineral Water

• White Oils
• Potable Water

• Lubricants
• Tomato Paste

• Paraffin Oil
• Vegetable Oils

• Waxes
      • Sunflower Oil

• Printing Inks
      • Palm Oil

• Emulsions
      • Rapeseed Oil

• Fertilizers
      • Soybean Oil

• Latex
      • Linseed Oil

• Plasticisers
• Fish Oil

• Drilling Mud Additives
• Molasses

• Detergents
• Glucose
• Herbicides
• Liquid Sugar

• Fructose and Syrups

• Malt Extracts

• Lard

Above list is for reference purposes only. Always consult with the producer of the Flexitanks.

Transport applications of Flexitanks in 20´ ISO containers

Flexitank with bottom charge/discharge

Bottom charge – loading process
Fully loaded Flexitank inside container

Flexitank with top charge/discharge

Loading process – railway transport

Loading process - road transport

Storage Flexitanks – applications

Volumes available for 3 m3 - 50 m3.
The design of this model allows multiple use in the storage of liquids that are not classified as dangerous according to the ADR, RID, IMDG lists.
Possibility of long-term storage in the outdoor environment.
Specific design for storage applications.


• feeding cattle
• Potable water distribution and storage
• storage of liquid fertilizers
• Water storage tanks for fire-fighting purposes
• Irrigation (vegetables, vineyards).
• Drainage

Storage Flexitank with Safety bag
Storage Flexitank – winter conditions. Long term heavy duty

storage with outside temperatures of -20° C

Sea water pumping/transportation – project in USA

Example of customized specifications for special projects.

The testing was carried out on a vessel on open sea when an American company ordered our Flexitank as an alternative for transportation of desalinated sea water. The Flexitanks must absorb intense impacts of liquid during the process of loading as the filling takes place on the open sea and sea waves causes the liquid to move. Flexitank passed those tests without any damage/leakage of liquid and makes a part of the standard offer to our clients.

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